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Catarina Rodrigues

Catarina Rodrigues


Catarina has been a part of O Gato Fica since its very first steps. By a happy coincidence, she was one of the service's first clients, showing up exactly when the team needed to grow. She has helped build the service as we know it today.

She has a degree in Criminal Psychology and a masters in Clinical Psychology. Having decided to transpose her knowledge in human behaviour to animal behaviour, she completed a post-graduation in Animal Behaviour and Welfare at ISPA, contributing to the service's expertise in Feline Behaviour.

She also participated in other events, such as Vicky Hall's lectures - promoted by Hospital do Gato; the workshop Train your Cat by Centro para o Conhecimento Animal; the First Aid Basics workshop by Prof. Dr. Miguel Carreira; as well as several canine behaviour workshops, one of her other passions.

Sendo detentora de um Certificado de Competências Pedagógicas, já esteve também encarregue de uma série de formações no âmbito de Bem-estar e Comportamento Felino e Canino.

In our team, Catarina is the sitter who knows staircases best, as she's not too fond of elevators.

Fazem parte da sua família o temível Kami, a querida Mishka, a inseparável Night e o recém-chegado Kiba.

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